The Rocking Chair Project: Theoretical Assumptions and Evidence to Date. Amy Gagliardi. The Edward Zigler Center in Child Development, Yale University (PDF)

Dr. Edward Zigler Address: The Value of the Rocking Chair Project Visit. Development Address with Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith. November 12, 2007. NY, NY. (PDF and VIDEO)

Rocking Chair and Empathy: A Pilot Study. Mohammadreza Hojat, PhD. Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University. Philadelphia, PA. (PDF)

Additional Resources

From Neurons to Neighborhoods by Jack Shonkoff and Deborah Phillips

The First Three Years and Beyond by Edward Zigler, Matio Finn-Stevenson, Nancy W. Hall

Meaningful Differences by Hart and Risley

UNESCO Early Childhood Home Environment Paper

Urie BronfenbrennerSummary of Life’s Work with Children

Zero to Three: The First Year of Life

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